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How to watch Samsung unveil the Galaxy S10

How to watch Samsung unveil the Galaxy S10

Today’s the day we finally see the Galaxy S10 — well, officially, at least. As is the tradition with Samsung product launches, the news has already been leaking out at a furious pace. Here’s a decent breakdown of what we expect from the new flagship — though to be fair, plenty more leaks have surfaced since then, including an ad for the S10 and Galaxy Buds.

We also just got a name for the foldable phone we expect to debut alongside numerous new S10 models. That’s the Galaxy Fold, to you.

Of course, Samsung always announces a lot — so there are bound to be some surprises. Heck, the company didn’t splinter off from Mobile World Congress this year for nothing.

All will be revealed at this link, tomorrow, starting at 11AM PT (2PM ET). Meantime, here’s the official teaser to whet your collective appetites.

Source: TechCrunch

Belen De Leon