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How to watch every Marvel property in the perfect order – CNET

Every Marvel movie and TV show currently airing or announced — and the absolute ideal order for watching them — so you can check out the next Marvel movie super-prepared.
Source: CNET

What were your best nine Instagram photos from 2017?

 You might have noticed a new end-of-year trend on Instagram the past few days. If so, you can thank 2017bestnine.com, a website that lets you automatically collect and collage your most-liked photos of 2017. Best Nine has been around for a while, so many of you may be familiar with the tool already. But for those of you who are new to that Best Nine game, here’s how it works. First of… Read More

Source: TechCrunch

7 handy ways to improve your home in 2018 – CNET

Your resolution for 2018: Make home improvement a priority with these handy how-to ideas as inspiration.
Source: CNET

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Seaweed straws, graphene batteries, better bits

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can’t buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

The post Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Seaweed straws, graphene batteries, better bits appeared first on Digital Trends.

Source: Digital trends

How to uninstall apps on a Mac

MacOS is known for its simplicity, but that doesn’t mean every facet of the operating system is easy to figure out. Here’s how to uninstall apps on a Mac, and rid them from your machine for good.

The post How to uninstall apps on a Mac appeared first on Digital Trends.

Source: Digital trends

Voice interfaces beginning to find their way into business

 Imagine attending a business meeting with an Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on the conference table. A question arises about the month’s sales numbers in the Southeast region. Instead of opening a laptop, opening a program like Excel and finding the numbers, you simply ask the device and get the answer instantly. That kind of scenario is increasingly becoming a… Read More

Source: TechCrunch

Iran reportedly blocks Telegram, Instagram amid protests – CNET

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov says it’s unclear if the ban on the messaging app is permanent or temporary.
Source: CNET

Google Doodle celebrates New Year's Eve with feathered friends – CNET

Google’s penguin siblings are back to ring in the new year with “sparklers in hand” and “fireworks overhead.”
Source: CNET

Twitter ended the year on a fascinating run

 It’s been pretty easy to point at Twitter and, with each quarterly moment when it discloses its financial guts, let out a long exasperated sigh. But then something interesting happened in the back half of 2017: it went on a rather spectacular run, and though ending on a bit of a slump, it looks like it could finish the year up more than 25 percent — which, by Twitter terms, is… Read More

Source: TechCrunch

The Most-read WIRED Culture Stories of 2017

Culture coverage seemed to be dominated by memes, *Star Wars*, memes, streetwear, memes, streaming, and, well, more memes.
Source: Wired