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Archivos mensuales:octubre 2017

Slack is down, and it's no treat for millions – CNET

The popular workplace messaging app is delivering the equivalent of the Charlie Brown rock to users on Halloween.
Source: CNET

How tech helps tell the story of refugees – CNET

A new immersive exhibit by Doctors Without Borders uses VR and 360 video to give a glimpse into the lives of people forced to flee violence.
Source: CNET

Facebook, Google, Twitter Executives Face Tough Questions on Russian Ads

In first of three congressional hearings, senators attack tech companies for letting Russians target Americans online before 2106 election.
Source: Wired

Slack is still down and it’s past 5 o’clock, so go home

 Slack has been down for just over an hour, according to its official status page — which itself was down when I first checked a few minutes after the widely-used productivity tool bit it for us. At this point the end of the workday is pretty much shot, so you can go home. I would but I work from home so I have to sit here. Read More

Source: TechCrunch

Google's fixing the hamburger emoji ASAP! Pixel 2 XL? Not a peep video – CNET

A week on from the Pixel 2 XL’s screen issues, we still haven’t heard a peep from Google. Plus, the world reacts to the biggest emoji error in modern history.
Source: CNET

Clean your brushes fast with your power drill – CNET

Small paint brushes and makeup brushes get clean in a snap with this tip.
Source: CNET

Jeep shows us the 2018 Wrangler at SEMA – Roadshow

Here’s your first look at the next generation of the iconic 4×4.
Source: CNET

Microsoft presenter downloads Chrome after Edge fails – CNET

Commentary: During a stimulating Microsoft presentation, the company’s new browser goes over the edge.
Source: CNET

In their first Russia hearing, tech giants try to placate Congress (with mixed results)

 On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off the first of three hearings this week examining the relationship between social media and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The hearings mark the first time that lawmakers will hear testimony from Google, Facebook and Twitter around how their platforms were and are manipulated as part of Russian political… Read More

Source: TechCrunch

Save phone data while traveling internationally video – CNET

Don’t let airplane mode or zero-data bars stop you from using internet on your phone. These tips keep you connected while you travel, even if you’re off grid.
Source: CNET